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Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) is the NSW government agency that regulates cemeteries and crematoria operators. 

As well as regulating operators we provide information to help people make informed decisions around burial and cremation.  

Our vision is that all people in NSW have access to sustainable and affordable burial and cremation services that are respectful of culture and faith and provided in a consistent, transparent and accountable manner.


It is important to us that all people are respected. We are progressively developing guides for many of the faiths and cultures within NSW so that operators and the recently bereaved know what to expect and operators are able to meet community expectations.  

Gravestone at cemetery

Our register will help you find locations, operational status and contact details of cemeteries and crematoria across NSW.

Man and woman talking in kitchen

When making after-death plans, there are many choices to understand.

Angel statue in cemetery with gravestones in background

Our consumer guide covers interment rights, burial and cremation options and general pricing information.

View of Rookwood Cemetery

Cemeteries can play a role in managing and preserving our environment and heritage.

Aboriginal artwork

Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW has been engaging with Aboriginal people so we can better understand the cultural and spiritual requirements for burial and cremation.

Plants in front of cemetery lockers

We are committed to promptly addressing and resolving complaints concerning cemeteries and crematoria, including those on Crown land, local government, private and Church operated.