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Information for funeral directors

The NSW Government has introduced the Interment Industry Scheme as part of the Cemeteries & Crematoria Regulation 2022 - a licensing system for cemetery and crematorium operators. The scheme will, for the first time, license all operators and set clear standards. Families will know what to expect from cemetery and crematorium operators and can make informed choices.

While Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW does not regulate funeral directors, where funeral directors are selling certain cemetery or crematoria products to a customer (such as burial, ash interment or cremation) they will need to comply with some Scheme requirements. This will involve using a contract form the operator which contains certain terms and conditions, and explaining those to the customers. The customer will also need to be shown a basic price for the product they are buying, and be asked about their religious and cultural requirements.

This Guide to the Interment Industry Scheme for Funeral Directors (PDF, 85 KB) explains how the Scheme interacts with the work of funeral directors.

Any future information relevant to funeral directors will be published on this webpage.

To find information on the regulation of funeral directors by Fair Trading and the Funeral Information Standard, visit Working as a funeral director.