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Your burial and cremation rights

Your burial and cremation rights

The NSW Government has legislation to manage burial and cremation (interment) in NSW.

Interment rights

The legislation includes interment rights.

An interment right is a contract with a cemetery operator allowing interment at a particular location. When you ‘buy’ a site, you do not purchase a piece of land. Instead, you purchase the right to have remains interred in a particular location. An interment right is not required for scattering cremated remains in a cemetery.

Interment rights apply to burials of human remains (including cremated remains) in the earth, mausoleums, crypts, vaults and niche walls.

For more information read our fact sheet on interment rights (PDF, 206KB).

Our General Consumer Guide (PDF, 604KB) covers interment rights, burial and cremation options and general pricing information.

Quick guides are available below in 7 languages.

Chinese simplified – 简体中文

永久性安葬权 (PDF)(233.46 KB)
可续期安葬权 (PDF)(295.98 KB)
火葬 (PDF)(256.14 KB)
转让或遗赠安葬权 (PDF)(244.95 KB)
自然安葬 (PDF)(229.04 KB)
非传统棺柩安葬 (PDF)(216.82 KB)

Chinese traditional – 繁體中文

永久性安葬權 (PDF)(264.18 KB)
可續期安葬權 (PDF)(302.61 KB)
火葬 (PDF)(267.35 KB)
轉讓或遺贈安葬權 (PDF)(253.55 KB)
自然葬 (PDF)(250.42 KB)
非傳統棺柩安葬 (PDF)(224.12 KB)

More information

Information about how to make a complaint or enquiry is available in six languages, visit the Complaints and enquiries.