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Interment Industry Scheme Licensing

Your guide to becoming licensed

Delayed commencement of 3 licence conditions to 1 October 2024

The start date for the consumer contract, pricing transparency and maintenance licence conditions will be amended from 1 July 2024 to 1 October 2024 to allow more time for industry adjustment. We encourage operators who are ready to implement these conditions now to maintain their positive momentum and begin complying from 1 July. For those operators who are not yet ready this extension allows additional time to prepare.

Operators who hold a licence will receive notification of their amended conditions prior to 1 July. The Interment Industry Scheme page will be updated to reflect this change

This page is a guide for cemetery and crematorium operators to become licensed and compliant with the Interment industry scheme.

The scheme commenced in October 2022 and is being rolled out in phases from 1 July 2023 to October 2024.

All operators must be licensed and compliant with the licence conditions by October 2024.

The scheme sets standards for plain language contracts, cemetery maintenance, pricing transparency, customer service and respect for people’s religious and cultural requirements. Families will know what to expect from cemetery and crematorium operators and can make informed choices.

When to apply for a licence

Operators must be aware of when they need to apply for a licence and when they need to be compliant with the licence conditions. When you should apply is based on your interment numbers for 2021-22. Match your interment numbers for last year with the boxes below and click to see your timeline.

Your licence application group is different to your licence category which will be determined by CCNSW as part of the licence application process. The licence category will decide your requirements under the licence conditions. The category will be based largely on your average number of interments over the past three financial years (2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22).

We are supporting operators throughout the roll out. We will be emailing an application form to the email address of the primary contact in our register. Parts of the form will be prepopulated. If you do not receive a form before the start of your licence application period, please contact us. 

St Stephens Church and cemetery in Newtown. Credit: James Horan; Destination NSW

200 or more interments

Cremation only operators

Bench under cherry blossom tree

50 - 199 interments

Aerial view of Waverly Cemetery, Sydney

5 - 49 interments

Graves of the deceased of a desert ghost town in outback Australia. Silverton NSW

1 - 4 interments

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