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In 2021–22, we progressed several projects focused on supporting and improving sector performance and strengthening consumer support and stakeholder engagement.

Interment Industry Scheme

The largest project was the development of the Interment Industry Scheme under Part 3 of the NSW Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013, including 3 key phases of consultation.

The scheme addresses many of the recommendations from the statutory review of the Act and the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal’s ‘Review of the costs and pricing of interment in NSW’. The scheme will introduce licensing for cemetery and crematoria operators in NSW and a series of mandatory regulatory requirements.

We released a discussion paper to all operators in December 2021 and continued to consult with the Industry Consultative Group (ICG) and other stakeholders to refine the scheme and develop the Regulations.

COVID-19 response

We provided information and support to operators in response to the continually evolving impacts of COVID-19. We helped operators understand the requirements of the public health orders and government health advice and convened weekly liaison meetings with the major Sydney metropolitan operators to discuss and provide guidance on the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions on cemetery operations

Strategic Plan 2022-25

We published our new Strategic Plan 2022–25 in October 2021. The plan builds on our achievements to date and fulfils the agency’s potential as a strong and capable regulator of the industry. The plan sets our agenda for the next 3 years and connects our priorities to our legislation.

Regulatory Framework

We published a regulatory framework that outlines our regulatory role, approach and functions. The regulatory framework explains the way we regulate the industry and clarifies what to expect from us as a regulator.

Customer relationship management

We implemented a new customer relationship management system to better understand our customers and track our activity. The system will enable us to better serve both the industry and the public by improving the way we manage and respond to communications.